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Fully Automatic Caravan Dish Satellite System

Caravan Satellite Dishes

This refers to a fully installed satellite dish system. The unit is permanently fitted to your vehicle and is controlled from inside using a control box with the press of a button. This system is also linked to the vehicle battery and ignition. This type of satellite system in usually installed by a professional.

 More Information about Caravan Satellite Dishes

Fully Automatic Caravan Dome Satellite.

Caravan Satellite Dome Systems

The Satellite dome is a great choice for caravan owners as it one of the only satellite systems that can be removed and stored inside the vehicle is need be.

The dome satellite system has been around for some time now and has become tried and tested technology.

Recently the Satellie Dome has split into a couple of different types. The Generic and Camos.  
The Generic Satellite Dome System is produced by WiWorld and is manufactured using the same meterials and methods as the other leading satellite dome.

Fitted Manual Satellite System

Fitted Manual Satellite Systems

This is ordinarily a dish type system, that is fitted through the roof of your vehicle. It has either a crank up type operation or in some cases a motor for the elevation, but you then have to rotate the unit to pinpoint the satellite. This type of unit is usually installed by a professional but is possible to install by a competent D.I.Y person.

Manual / Portable Satellite system

Portable Satellite Systems

The manual or portable satellite system refers to any satellite dish that is not directly installed onto your caravan. Therefore by this definition it also covers satellite systems that have been attached to the caravan on a temporary basis and must be removed before you travel. This type of system will not need installing.

More Information about Portable Satellite Dishes

Other component parts

The Caravan Satellite System Receiver box

SKY Digi-box

The dish or dome is indeed the main component part of any caravan satellite system but you also have to consider the receiver. This can be either a SKY box, a Free To Air (FTA) receiver or a UK FREESAT box.

The Sky box is becoming a thing of the past following Sky's decision to stop selling the Sky box as a stand alone unit. They have advised that the Sky digibox can only be purchased witha contract now.

Satellite Tuner or Sat-Finder

Satellite Finder

This is a vital part of the fitted manual and portable systems, but is not required for the automatic system. The sat-finder can be either a simple device that whistles or a complicated device that shows the satellite you are on, signal strength and signal quality.

Tripods & Mountings


We will take a look at the wide verity of satellite system mounting methods for caravans. We will look at tripods, Suction mounts and clamps. The tripod is an old favorites for the caravan owner as it gives you freedom to move the caravan satellite system about. The other methods are ways to secure the dish to the van, this may not be the best method but it dues give you a secure tamper free mounting surface.

NEW!! Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband allows you to connect to the internet wherever you are, regardless of whether you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot or near a phone line. The information isn't received through a fixed-line modem so you don't have to worry about line rental and you don't always have to connect to the net using the same computer. In the same way that your mobile phone works, you can access the internet all over the country (and overseas if you like) as long as your service provider (the mobile broadband company you sign up to) covers the area that you're in

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